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UIoT desktop, and embedded solutions

RAISe The open source IoT middleware

Ready to deploy an Internet of Things middleware at home? Interested on how IoT works? Are you a small business, or a big industry leader? Doesn't matter! Start with RAISe today, and experiment what IoT is in your own.

DeviceOS The open source IoT device OS

Would you like to play with your lights? Control your door? Or even control your air conditioning system? Or just play around with Arduinos? If so, UIoT is for you too. DeviceOS transform your Arduino or even your Computer into an IoT smart object.

UIMS The ideal solution for IoT network management

Ready to have a deeper look of how an IoT network works? this is for you. UIMS allows you to view alerts, insights, metrics, configurations, nodes, graphs and everything from your Iot Network.

Gateway An IoT router and distributed data deliver

UIoT gateway is a layer-7 router that acts as data distributor and deliver. The gateway also simplifies the send process for low-hardware devices, like Arduino Nano or Intel Galileo. Acting as a low layer middleware between RAISe and the Devices. Runs perfectly on an Raspberry PI.

UIoT mobile and wearable solutions

mobileOS Transform your mobile device into an IoT smart object

With UIoT you can even transform your daily devices, like your phone, tablet or wearables into smart objects and integrate them into an IoT network. Mobile devices have many sensors and actors, this is great. And you can enjoy all their capabilities.
Compatible with Android and iOS

UIMS Mobile

With UIMS mobile you can get network alerts, push notifications and insights of your IoT network. You can also see which devices are offline, online, with good fidelity scores or more. This is having control of your Network in a touch.
Compatible only with Android and iOS.

UIoT solutions for industry and research

UIoT Academics

Want to research and be part of the IoT community? New contributors are always welcome. UIoT does a lot of research and academic publications. We aim to ensure that the scientific world can get the last of IoT research. Why not read one of our papers?

UIoT Industry and business solutions

Need something made specially for your needs? We're here to provide research and hardware solutions made specifically for you. You can explore our big database of hardware use-cases. Also, if you need, we can deploy something for you.

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